Dallas Buyers Club Debuts Two Clips: Matthew McConaughey Mesmerizes

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You’ve probably heard about Matthew McConaughey losing all that weight to portray a man afflicted with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club. Actors diving into character like that are usually rewarded come Oscar time, and with Dallas Buyers Club, this should be no different. As seen in the Dallas Buyers Club trailer, McConaughey is a Texas rodeo pro who through reckless living contracts the HIV virus in the early days of the disease.

In the stunning true tale, he becomes a drug smuggler for medication for those sick with little help or hope.

Dallas Buyers Club has released two new clips that only further show us what a power McConaughey is in this film. The first, called Dallas Cowboys, illustrates how the law is none too fond of what he is doing.

The second clip stars Jared Leto, who is also getting serious Oscar buzz for his portrayal of a cross dresser and fellow AIDS patient looking for a little help where there is none.

Dallas Buyers Club lands in theaters November 1.

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