Thor The Dark World Featurette: Jane & Thor Sitting in a Tree

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In a new featurette released by Marvel Studios for its latest film, Thor: The Dark World, we get a closer look at the romance of Natalie Portman as Jane and Chris Hemsworth as Thor. It seems that Jane is a little peeved at the god for coming to Earth in The Avengers and not dropping by to say hello. As we see in this Thor: The Dark World clip, she's even gone out on a date!

But, as she says in the below featurette, saving the world is “pretty good as excuses go.”

The Thor: The Dark World trailer shows the battle this time out is a little more epic. It’s not just Earth or Asgard that is in jeopardy from the evil Malekith, it’s the entire universe.

Tom Hiddleston returns as Loki, who’s enlisted to help his brother defeat this evil. But we’re dying to know… does this give the villain from Thor and The Avengers a reprieve?

You’ll have to wait until Thor: The Dark World lands in theaters November 8 to find out!

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