Thor The Dark World Trailer: This Ends Now

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Thor: The Dark World premiered a new one-minute trailer during last night’s Agents of SHIELD and it is a doozy. It sets the stage for the sequel to Thor with the hero’s first line, “Every 5,000 years, the worlds align.” And note that he’s telling this to Jane (Natalie Portman) in a nice little romantic moment that as we all know… cannot last.

The thing that most stands out throughout this 60-second teaser is about two thirds through -- and it answers a question that has lingered since that first Thor: The Dark World trailer showed that Thor and Loki will join forces. How can you trust someone who has done such evil… like in The Avengers?

The answer comes in a never-before-seen shot of Loki going mano-a-mano with the film’s villain, Malekith. Guess he is fighting for good (this time.) And don't miss those seven new Thor: The Dark World photos we premiered yesterday for more on Marvel's larger-than-life hero.

Thor: The Dark World premieres November 8. 

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