Weekend Movie Preview: October 18, 2013

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It is a busy time at the cinemas as the Weekend Movie Preview looks at five new films landing at theaters. The classic Stephen King book Carrie gets a remake starring Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore. Also, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger reunite in Escape Plan, and Daniel Radcliffe plays a literary icon in Kill Your Darlings.

Meanwhile, two Oscar contenders land with the astounding 12 Years a Slave and the WikiLeaks story come to life, The Fifth Estate.

Carrie: The horror remake has the cards stacked against it. Carrie is a beloved film in the King world. But, by casting Julianne Moore and Chloe Moretz in the lead roles, they have a solid head start. All the classic elements are there including the shower scene and that horrific prom, and with the Halloween season coming soon, its timing could not be more perfect. For more, check out our Carrie review.

Escape Plan: Sly and Arnold return to action for their first pairing outside the world of The Expendables. Stallone is an expert at breaking out of prisons. When his company, who assures prison wardens their facilities are secure, sends him to a CIA off-the-grid prison, things are not what they seem. For starters, no one there knows who he is... and worse yet, it appears someone wants him to spend the rest of his days there. As we report in our Escape Plan review, the two leads have a ball, and their chemistry is hard to ignore even if the film has cliches like crazy. 

The Fifth Estate: Julian Assange changed the world when he founded WikiLeaks, and director Bill Condon takes us inside the revolutionary website in this film that feels like as much of an espionage thriller as a biopic... as we state in our The Fifth Estate review. As he did in Rush, Daniel Bruhl steals the movie as Assange's right-hand man, who provides the man with a heart. But, will it last? It should be an Oscar contender, but with such a crowded field this year... it might just not make the cut. 

Kill Your Darlings: Radcliffe leaves his Harry Potter persona permanently behind as he plays iconic American poet Allen Ginsberg. The film follows a little known story of the birth of the Beat Generation writers that involves... a murder! Dane DeHaan is astounding, and the chemistry between him and Radcliffe is electric which makes a story that could have just been about people writing a joy to behold on so many levels. Our Kill Your Darlings review salutes the writer and director of the film for providing a human side to literary legends.

12 Years a Slave: The true story of a free black man who is abducted in 1840s America and placed into slavery may be tough to watch, but it is a film that must be seen. Oscar winners will surely abound, and director Steve McQueen has crafted a story that looks at a dark chapter in American history without an agenda, and lets its audience draw all the conclusions. As we stated in our 12 Years a Slave review, it is a triumph of the human spirit. 

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