X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer: Bryan Singer Dishes Frame By Frame

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The premiere yesterday of the first X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer was downright epic if we do say so ourselves. The combining of the X-Men of old and the X-Men of X-Men: First Class is a stroke of brilliance. The trailer landed with the power of a superhero explosion, and director Bryan Singer spoke with Empire UK to break down the entire trailer, with much of it being shot-by-shot. We bring you the highlights.

X-Men Days of Future Past James McAvoy Patrick Stewart

One of our favorite parts of the trailer comes at its conclusion where the James McAvoy "young" Professor X goes face-to-face with Patrick Stewart’s Professor X as he implores him to help save the future. Singer too was clearly struck by that scene… and even the above screen capture.

“It’s an abstract scene, without giving away its origin and how it happens. It’s a trippy scene, it has a bit of '70s style in it and the entire scene involved a lot of interesting practical photography using mirrors and other things,” Singer said. “It was fun to shoot, and it was great to get the two actors together.”

Singer was so struck by that moment, that he literally carries it around on him.

“I did get goosebumps. I’ve got a picture on my iPhone of the two of them talking to each other. These moments need to be photographed,” he admitted.

X-Men Days of Future Past Hugh Jackman Logan

The above shot of Logan (Hugh Jackman) stabbing someone is uber-important in the mythology of the X-Men universe, Singer said.

“He doesn’t have his metal yet in 1973. It is Wolverine’s first meeting with a man by the name of William Stryker, head of the Weapon X program.”

See, since Wolverine is not made of metal yet in this part of the timeline, Magneto can’t rule him like a puppet master. Should prove interesting for their relationship!

X-Men Days of Future Past Halle Berry

The arrival of Halle Berry’s Storm was a nice touch to add to the trailer, and we can see why.

“She’s one of the last surviving X-Men in this post-apocalyptic world. She’s part of that with Wolverine and Charles and Magneto, they’re some of the last folk standing from the original X-Men,” Singer said. “They’re at the spearhead of this mission, this last chance at saving the world. This is their only hope, their mission into time. Can you actually go back and affect time? Can you go back and change things or will time correct itself? Will history fight you back and is your destiny pre-determined or can you change it?”

X-Men Days of Future Past Wolverine

Logan with grey hair? You bet, as Singer says that “the grey in the hair is something I took from X-Men: Days of Future Past, it’s a look in the comic. I liked it, even though he hasn’t really aged physically it’s something that shows how tough things have gotten in the future, and brought that out in him and given him a little more world-weariness,” Bryan Singer said.

X-Men Days of Future Past Photo

You may have noticed some new faces in the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer, and Singer says that is because he is not simply relying on the two X-Men worlds that have already been introduced.

“They’re not really fresh recruits. They’re more refugees that are living day to day in this hideously ruined world. They don’t have much hope in the future. They’re on the run and they join forces with the remaining X-Men to try to do this one last attempt at fixing the world.”

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