Anchorman 2 Character Posters: Kristen Wiig Soars!

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Those Anchorman 2 character posters featuring the Action News Team impeccably captured our favorite flashback newsmen getting ready to conquer New York. Paramount has now released three character posters featuring the new characters joining the cast to the sequel to Anchorman.

We have to start with Kristen Wiig, who appears from the Anchorman 2 trailer to be a love interest for Steve Carell’s Brick.

Anchorman 2 Kristen Wiig Poster

Next up is Ron Burgundy’s (Will Ferrell) biggest competition, James Marsden stars as an uber-handsome news anchor that makes Burgundy a little nervous. It’s probably because he’s better looking and more talented!

Anchorman 2 James Marsden Poster

Lastly, we have the character poster for the woman who appears to be the brains behind the Global News Network, Meagan Good.

Anchorman 2 Meagan Good Poster

Anchorman 2 hits theaters December 20 as the perfect Christmas present for every Burgundy fan out there! 

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