Delivery Man: Britt Robertson Dishes "New" Vince Vaughn

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Britt Robertson tells us exclusively what it was like to work with what she calls the “new” Vince Vaughn. As teased in the Delivery Man trailer, Vaughn is a man who learns that through his sperm donor days many years ago, he has 533 children. They have gathered for a class action lawsuit to unseal the confidentiality agreement in order to discover who their father is.

Delivery Man Britt Robertson Vince Vaughn

Robertson plays one of the children and she got to share several one-on-one scenes with Vaughn and reported that him stretching his dramatic muscles, while still not leaving the comedy behind, was an utter priceless joy.

Disney has also given those of us who were granted interviews with Robertson the following clip exclusively.

Movie Fanatic: As can be seen even in the Delivery Man movie trailer, the film is heartwarming and hilarious and you get to share both with Vince. What was it like for you to act opposite him, especially knowing he’s so well known for comedy and he has some fantastic dramatic moments?

Britt Robertson: It was an interesting experience to be part of this new Vince mode. He brings a different side of himself to this film. But, at the same time it’s really who he is. He has this sweet, caring guy balled up in there and it’s really fun to see – obviously in these hilarious moments when he goofed around and would be the Vince that we all know, but then there are these sweet moments. There’s a moment in the film where he’s saved me from the hospital and he’s taking me home. We share this hug. It was my first day working with him on the movie. He was so sweet at every take, he would start to well up, and not even meaning to. He was giving his whole heart to it. It was cool to see that side of a guy that you don’t usually picture being a dad. It was cool to be in this movie with him because it’s a side you don’t usually see.

Movie Fanatic: I was struck by you and several of the other kids who play his children. As an actress, your character doesn’t know that, but how you act and execute these scenes will play a huge part in whether he decides to tell you or not. As an actress, do you allow that to factor in or do you just keep it to the words on the page in that scene you’re filming at that moment?

Britt Robertson: As an actor, you have to look at the story as a whole. Reading the script, that is something you take into account. As a character I have to affect him so much so that at the end of the movie, it makes sense to him to reveal his identity to us all. That plays a big part in it. But, as far as being in those moments and playing them as real and as truthful as you can, I think you have to know the end target… but, you also want to play those moments as real as possible. So, at the beginning, we are just looking at him as this random strange guy who has taken a liking to us and wants to help us out.

Movie Fanatic: Did you see the original film Starbuck? Or if you hadn’t. did you choose to see it or not to see it before filming Delivery Man?

Britt Robertson: I wanted to see Starbuck, I hadn’t seen it when I was cast in the movie and wanted to after I was. For me, for my character, it helped if I hadn’t seen the movie because it would have limited my performance. I would have tried to mimic someone else. That would not benefit me at all. I waited until after the film was finished to see Starbuck.

Delivery Man Vince Vaughn Britt Robertson

Movie Fanatic: What is also compelling is how at the end of the day, all those 533 kids, including your character, find each other as siblings and it doesn’t matter if you find your father. Was that a nice aspect of the story for you as well?

Britt Robertson: After seeing the film, it was definitely something that impacted me way more than when I was just reading the script. That’s also because you can see all these kids having a great time together and really being there for one another and loving the experience of having these people as step brothers and sisters. Ken (Scott, director) is really great at building these types of scenes -- you are able to see how we slowly are uniting as one trying to find our father. You realize that it is less about that and more about having one another.

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