Delivery Man: What Would Vince Vaughn Deliver if Fame Disappeared?

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Vince Vaughn stars in Delivery Man as a... well, delivery man, who learns that not only is his girlfriend (Cobie Smulders) pregnant, but that a fertility clinic he used to donate to decades ago only used his donations and he now has 533 grown children!

We met Vaughn for an exclusive video interview where we not only asked about the joy of comedic volleys with co-star Chris Pratt, but also if all this fame went away and he had to be a delivery man… what would he deliver to the world?

Vaughn also talks about how he could have made this film years ago, but something about being a new father infused it with a fresh sense of power. "Your imagination’s your best asset you have as an actor," Vaughn said. "But, being a new father really opened me up to a lot of the emotions that the movie explores."

Delivery Man delivers the heartwarming hilarity November 22.

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