Frozen Clip: Olaf Sings Love of Summer

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Olaf gets even more of the spotlight after that utterly charming Frozen Olaf trailer in a two-minute clip from the upcoming Disney movie. Josh Gad steals the movie as the snowman who has a passion for the summer season, clearly without having an idea of what that would do to him! In the following clip, he sings the virtues of the warmer time of year.

Frozen lands in theaters November 27 and stars Kristen Bell as Princess Anna, a princess who is on a mission to find her sister Princess Elsa (Idina Menzel). See, Elsa has a “gift” of turning everything she touches to snow and ice, and after an incident at her coronation that turns their kingdom into an icy wasteland, she runs off into the Frozen tundra.

Along the way, Anna meets Olaf… and we have to say, Gad could not have been a better choice! Check out the full Frozen trailer for more, as well as what the directors said to expect in our Frozen exclusive interview

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Frozen Quotes

[His head is upside down] What am I looking at here? Why are you hanging from the ground by your feet like bats?


Anna: Are you all right?
Kristoff: Yeah. I have a thick skull.
Olaf: I don't have a skull. Or bones.

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