Homefront: Jason Statham Talks Sylvester Stallone “Putting the Fear of God in Me”

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By now, Jason Statham knows Sylvester Stallone pretty well. After making three The Expendables movies with him and now with Statham headlining Homefront -- which Stallone wrote -- the action hero told Movie Fanatic he can hear the movie legend bouncing around in his brain.

Jason Statham Stars in Homefront

“I’ve got this ever present voice in my head. [Mimicking Sly Stallone’s voice] ‘Hey Jason, make sure you do this properly.’ He’s always there putting the fear of God in me,” Statham said and laughed.

The British action hero clearly has an affinity for Stallone and said that people often don't recall that amongst all the action and power that the larger-than-life man emits, he is still an Oscar winner for Best Screenplay for his work on Rocky.

“He’s such a prolific writer and I think it’s easy to forget how many films he’s actually written,” Statham said.

Statham reported that Stallone pens characters that audiences care about, and that can even be seen in the first Homefront trailer.

Statham plays a former DEA agent who retires to a small Southern town. When he encounters James Franco’s meth dealer, all hope for a quiet life goes out the window when Franco’s baddie threatens Statham’s young daughter. It is this father-daughter relationship that gives Homefront so much heart.

“[Stallone] really does care. He writes with a lot of heart. Instead of just concentrating on a couple of characters,” Statham said, “he fills the whole story with great roles, and he does it very, very well.”

After four movies together, one can say that Stallone and Statham have a shorthand, although they may disagree on a few minor things, such as Statham’s undercover DEA look in the beginning of Homefront.

“I wanted to wear a brown wig and Sly wanted me in a blond wig. We just had a bit of a disagreement there,” Statham said and laughed. So, if Stallone scares the man who puts the fear in others' hearts, what else frightens the superstar who first caught our eye in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?

Jason Statham Homefront

“A lot of things put the frighteners up me, but I won’t discuss what they are because you might be putting them through my letterbox later this evening. I try to keep it under my hat!”

Homefront also features a different side of Statham. It is a joy to witness him as an onscreen father and to see the care he gives his co-star, Izabela Vidovic. You might have even gleaned that from the Homefront red band trailer.

“She taught me everything I know,” Statham said and smiled. “She’s so bossy! You would never know, right? ‘Get off the horse! Get back on the horse!’ And there are whip marks [laughs]. Anyway, I eventually came around. We had a great time. It’s something quite sweet when you actually get good chemistry with somebody, and I think we got very lucky.”

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