Jurassic World: Bryce Dallas Howard Confirmed for Cast

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There is not much, so far, to go on with director Colin Trevorrow’s journey into the Steven Spielberg-conceived world of Jurassic Park, other than its title: Jurassic World. But, we do have news today that casting is starting to catch fire. The astounding Bryce Dallas Howard (The Help) has landed and accepted a role in the film!

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We also know that Ty Simpkins will likely be a part of the film, and rumors have Josh Brolin and Jake Johnson also joining the cast quite soon.

Howard was talking to USA Today when she updated the paper on what she’ll be doing next. “They’re re-launching the Jurassic Park franchise,” Howard said. “So I’ll be chasing dinosaurs! That’s going to happen next year.”

We hear that Jason Schwartzman will be offered a role soon for the film that lands in theaters on June 12, 2015. Is it us, or does 2015 look like the best summer movie season ever

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