Oldboy Clip: James Brolin Goes From Flab to Fab

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As you can see from the Oldboy trailer, James Brolin plays a man who is less than amicable. Twenty years confined to a room can change a man and it certainly does in this “workout” clip from the latest film from Spike Lee.

See, Brolin was kidnapped by a mysterious foe and he awakes in a small hotel-like room where he has no idea what is going on. He has a television, but only select things are shown to him… like the news report that announces he is the prime suspect in the murder of his wife that has left his young daughter practically an orphan.

Seeing this news, the pudgy and heavy drinker takes it upon himself to get into shape, because should the day come of his release… he will seek justice on many levels.

Oldboy is a remake of the classic 2003 Korean film by the same name and also stars Elizabeth Olsen. Look for Lee’s Oldboy in theaters November 27. 

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