Oldboy Exclusive: What Movie Could Josh Brolin Watch Repeatedly For 20 Years?

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Oldboy star Josh Brolin visited Movie Fanatic for an exclusive video interview where he shared with us a few things that shed some interesting light on his film’s director and the actor himself. First, we asked Brolin what surprised him the most about Spike Lee.

“What I’d heard [about him], and I’ve known Spike for two to three years prior to this, is the guy has this reputation that I just don’t see,” Brolin admitted. “But, it could be me. Oliver [Stone] has this reputation, all these people. But, I just don’t see it! All I see are these brilliant storytellers.”

As seen in the Oldboy trailer, Brolin plays a man who is kidnapped and forced to spend 20 years locked in what appears to be a stuck in the 1970s hotel room. Meanwhile, he is selectively shown things on his TV, such as news reports he’s been charged with his wife’s murder (which he did not commit) as well as other programming meant to play with his mind. One even produced the Oldboy workout, as we like to call it!

If Brolin was locked in a room for 20 years, we wondered what movie he could watch over and over again that would never get old for two decades. His answer in our video below… is surprising! Hint: "Come out and play!"

Oldboy hits theaters November 27, just in time for the family holiday that is Thanksgiving! 

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