The Book Thief Exclusive: Geoffrey Rush & Sophie Nelisse Talk First Impressions

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As previewed in The Book Thief trailer, stars Geoffrey Rush and Sophie Nelisse have quite a bond over books as World War II rages in the background. As the Nazis are burning literature, Rush’s adoptive father to Sophie’s orphan huddle in their basement exploring the virtues of the written word.

Movie Fanatic caught up with Rush and Nelisse for an exclusive video interview where they extolled the virtues of each other and Rush reported being blown away by the talent packaged in this young woman. 

“Sophie’s emotional truthfulness, surprising rich inner life for a character, I found dazzling,” Rush said. Incredible words coming from the accomplished Oscar winner. “On The Book Thief, I got to see her stretch her wings. She carries the movie.”

When we asked Nelisse about being nervous when it came to working with Rush, she made us think of that old saying about picturing the audience naked. Except in her case… well, let’s have her tell the story.

“At the beginning when my mom told me I’d be playing with Geoffrey Rush, I’m sorry, but I had no idea who he was,” she said and we all laughed. “Seeing him in Shine, seeing him in Pirates of the Caribbean, seeing him in a two minute naked clip from Quills…”

“She always brings that up,” Rush interjects.

“Yeah, he just drops his towel and is just naked,” Nelisse said.

“But, seriously, I was just honored to learn so much [from him] and the best moments were... when we would just laugh.”

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