Thor The Dark World: Chris Hemsworth Dishes "Darker Side of Throne"

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Thor: The Dark World star Chris Hemsworth knows a thing or two about brotherly competition. With his younger sibling Liam Hemsworth starring in another huge November release, Catching Fire, there could easily be some one-upmanship in the Hemsworth household.

Chris Hemsworth in Marvel's Thor The Dark World

“We’re competitive as siblings are in kind of everything from sport and backyard cricket and football, surfing, to who’s controlling the remote control watching TV,” Hemsworth said and laughed. But, not when it comes to making movies… they are unconditionally supportive. “Not in this industry, not so much. We’d help each other with auditions and always have. It’s more of a kind of team effort with this, this than anything else.”

Not so with his onscreen brother Loki. Since the first Thor, and especially in The Avengers, the Tom Hiddleston character has been a thorn in Hemsworth’s side. As shown in the Thor: The Dark World trailer, that rivalry may be put aside for the greater good. See, Thor needs Loki if he is going to be able to save the universe from the evil Malekith.

Hemsworth said that he and Hiddleston have developed a kinship that resembles a brotherly feel, even if their onscreen alter egos often battle. “There’s certainly a shorthand we have from having this being the third film we’ve shot together now. We’re able to pick up where we left off and have developed a great friendship along the way,” Hemsworth admitted. And it was there from the beginning. “We were lucky. We just had chemistry and the same kind of enthusiasm.”

The man who is Thor then gave an example from the film, teased in this Thor: The Dark World clip, where the god of thunder and his brother are busting out of Asgard to confront Malekith on his turf.

“One of the scenes where they’re in the spaceship, Tom and I were pretty insistent on saying, ‘This has gotta feel like when you’re in the back seat with your siblings.’ We couldn’t get 100 meters down the road before the three of us would be like, ‘Get off me. Don’t touch me,’” Hemsworth recalled.

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth Thor: The Dark World

“You understand what it’s like to have that kind of love-hate sort of thing and you’d do anything for them. But at the same time, the simplest things can annoy you!”

In our Tom Hiddleston interview, the actor who has triumphed as Loki gave his two cents as to why audiences adore him being so bad. Hemsworth, too, has his opinions on the subject.

“Can I tell you what I love about Loki? I don’t know that it was ever the plan to have Loki in this many films, but it purely has to do with everything that Tom brought to the table in the first one and how incredible he was,” Hemsworth said. “The mixture of strength, villainous, mischief and vulnerability, which is such an access point, you can immediately empathize with this misunderstood guy. I don’t know if that was ever the plan, but my hat goes off to Tom and I think he’s done such an incredible job in every film. And hopefully we can keep sneaking him in more some way.”

One of the treats for Hemsworth in making these Marvel films, from Thor through The Avengers and now Thor: The Dark World, is he gets to discover anew the magic of the movies. As he’s filming, the daunting task of acting opposite what is essentially nothing is a massive challenge. “Every film, I look back and go, ‘Oh, okay, now I get it.’ And then I start the next one and go, ‘Oh, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing,’” Hemsworth said and laughed.

Anthony Hopkins Chris Hemsworth Thor The Dark World

The superstar not only welcomed the chance to do it again for a third time, but was thrilled with the infusion of creative juice that bringing on a new helmer in Alan Taylor brought, while stepping in for Kenneth Branagh. “It’s nice to be able to approach a character again, and for the third time, attack it in a different way with a different director and have a whole new bag of ideas and influences and ways to approach it,” Hemsworth said.

“I think I grew up as a person as well. As you go through time -- strangely enough, like Thor -- that echoes into whatever you’re doing in your work. It was nice to have a more mature Thor who was less petulant and arrogant and a teenager, you know. That transition into him understanding the darker side of the throne and that responsibility and the sacrifices, it was fun to play with.”

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