Weekend Movie Preview: November 29, 2013

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It may be cold outside, but inside the movie houses of the country, it looks to be like summer with five new releases hitting screens. Disney releases its latest gem, Frozen, Jason Statham battles James Franco in Homefront, Nelson Mandela gets the biopic treatment, Spike Lee reinterprets a Korean classic in Oldboy with Josh Brolin, and Jennifer Hudson gets in the holiday spirit with Black Nativity.

Frozen: Disney has created their best movie since The Lion King with their latest, a movie inspired by the classic fable The Snow Queen. Idina Menzel is Elsa and Kristen Bell is Anna, and the two are sisterly princesses who have kept a family secret for years. Seems that Elsa has the power to turn everything she touches into ice and snow. Things are going fine, until Elsa's coronation where she inadvertently puts her kingdom on ice... literally.

Haunted by what she has done, she runs to the hills where she can live in solitude. That is, until her sister heads out into the winterly landscape to bring her back and reverse the curse. The songs are top notch, the performances as astounding and Josh Gad steals scenes left and right as the snowman Olaf. For more, check out our Frozen review.

Homefront: Statham is back in action, and this time, he has to deal with Franco's meth dealer. All Statham wants is to raise his little girl in peace. That is not going to happen and we all know it! Statham shows a softer side, as we state in our Homefront review, and Franco has a ball playing the baddie. Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth also star in this action fest that should please the action hero's fan base. 

Oldboy: Lee is nothing if not someone who likes to ruffle feathers. And what better way than to bring an American version of a beloved Korean cult classic to screens?! Oldboy stars Brolin as a not-so-likeable guy who winds up kidnapped, framed for his wife's murder and stuck inside the same room for 20 years. When he is released for no reason at all... he embarks on a trek of revenge that may find him experiencing the greatest horror of them all. Lee is as gifted a filmmaker as ever, as we state in our Oldboy review, and Brolin is also up for the complex task.

Mandela Long Walk to Freedom: Idris Elba electrifies in the biopic of the iconic South African leader, as reported in our Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom review. It's a difficult task to capture a life so extraordinary in a two-hour movie. But, filmmakers manage to do that, and actually leave us wanting to know more about a man that we think we know... yet really have just began to scratch the surface of his brilliance.

Black Nativity: Hudson is joined by an all-star cast, including Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett, in a holiday musical that is based on the play by Langston Hughes. The film is a little uneven, but you can forgive it by the end of the film that will have audiences singing all the way home because of its uncanny ability to be heartwarming and heartfelt. Our Black Nativity review also notes that as the only true holiday film out this weekend, it is the one that will get you firmly in the spirit of the season!

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