Wonder Twins Movie Poster: Are They Set to Activate?

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Given how comic book companies like DC Comics and Marvel are digging deep into their character roster, such as the upcoming Ant-Man from Edgar Wright, could a Wonder Twins movie be on the horizon?

Well, an iconic comic book store in New York City received a mysterious package yesterday and it had the official Warner Bros. address label on it. Inside was a Wonder Twins movie poster featuring the names of two stars who appear ready to take on the roles of the siblings who possess the power to take the form of anything they want when they bump fists and exclaim, “Activate!”

Wonder Twins Poster

So, is this for real? Are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher set to star in a Wonder Twins movie?

Given the obsession audiences have for comic book characters and superheroes in general of late (look at the success of Thor: The Dark World), it is possible.

But, we at Movie Fanatic think this is an elaborate hoax. The giveaway for us? The fact that the release date is listed as 2014 tells us that this is most likely not true. There is no way that a film that would require this much pre-production is just now coming onto our radar. Hollywood can be good at keeping secrets, but not that good.

Tell us…

Is the Wonder Twins movie for real? 

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