Fast and Furious 7: Is Paul Walker’s Brother Stepping In?

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As Fast and Furious 7 production shut down due to the death of Paul Walker, filmmakers and the studio behind the franchise had a lot of figuring out to do. One thing they did was a brilliant stroke of memorializing their late star -- they are giving away a portion of the profits for the recently released Fast and Furious 6 DVD and Blu-Ray. But, what should they do with Fast and Furious 7?

Paul and Cody Walker

One theory has arrived that is interesting to say the least: Walker’s brother Cody, 25, could step in to shoot some scenes to aid in putting a respectful close to Walker’s character and his Fast and Furious journey. Cody Walker has worked as a stuntman and has often stepped in as a double for his brother Paul. Fast and Furious 7 director James Wan could shoot some scenes with Cody “in place of Paul” and give the actor the closing he deserves. What form that would take is still a mystery, but an interesting concept to consider.

Paul Walker still had over half his scenes in Fast and Furious 7 to shoot, and given his tragic death, it is clear that something has to happen with his character on screen to indicate that he has passed. Of course a car-related death would be in the worst of taste, but we’re sure someone involved in Fast and Furious 7 can think of something where it could simultaneously pay tribute to Paul Walker, while still keeping it within the realm of Fast 7 and where they need the story to go.

This is just a theory as of now, so stay tuned to see how this story plays out. 

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