Inside Llewyn Davis: Oscar Isaac on Getting Folksy with Coen Brothers

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From the moment that first Inside Llewyn Davis trailer arrived, the Oscar buzz for the latest from the Coen brothers started. Much of that has to be based on the performance of star Oscar Isaac.

He stars as a frustrated folk singer in 1960s Greenwich Village who has gotten his “friend” Carey Mulligan pregnant. His career is in the toilet, and just when things seem like they could get no worse, he finds out a long kept secret that has him in a car with Garrett Hedlund and John Goodman heading to Ohio.

We caught up with Isaac for an exclusive video interview where the actor talked about the joys of playing Lewis, someone who lives by the power of id only. “I like not having to ask for sympathy at all or worry about charming anyone. It was freeing to live in his circumstances,” Isaac said. “He’s not one who feels much. He just expresses it.”

There is much for Isaac to be proud of with his announcement that is his performance in Inside Llewyn Davis. But years from now when he thinks back on the experience, he admitted to us that those scenes in the car with Goodman will be ones he’ll never forget. 

“It was surreality, without a doubt,” Isaac said. “I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that that happened.”  

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