Welcome to Yesterday Trailer: Found Footage Time Travel Thrills

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If you thought that the found footage or point of view genre of filmmaking had waned, given what we saw with that first Devil’s Due trailer and a new trailer that debuted today from Welcome to Yesterday, you could not be more wrong. Filmmakers have taken the public’s perceived tiredness with the format, and managed to infuse fresh life into it with compelling stories told in unique ways. Evidence of that arrived again today with the Welcome to Yesterday trailer.

As the teaser shows, the story follows a group of teens who find one of their father’s old video cameras and notice something interesting in footage from the guy’s childhood birthday party… an image of his older self in the mirror. They dig deeper and find that his father had a workshop and in it… the elements for a time machine.

What’s a group of kids to do? Why not use it?!

Of course a series of unforeseen events happen, and in order to secure the future of the entire world, they must head back in time and find a way to fix the past in order to ensure a future.

Welcome to Yesterday lands in theaters February 28, 2014. And is it us, or does it have a Chronicle feel to it? And that is a very good thing. 

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