11 Actors Who Turned Down Famous Roles: Who Could Have Been Whom?

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Actors are famous for choosing roles that fit them to a "T."

Sometimes those choices go on to make history. Other times when they say no, their replacement gets that iconic label for their performance. Can you imagine Mel Gibson as Batman? Yes, he was offered the role by Tim Burton before Michael Keaton famously took it!

And then there's John Travolta, who passed on Forrest Gump! Watch Pulp Fiction online and see what movie he chose instead. Sure, that's a big film, but Tom Hanks won an Oscar for Forrest Gump!

From Batman to The Terminator (Sly Stallone?), we've got a list of 11 actors who should be more famous for saying "no" than saying "yes!" 

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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Photo

Brad Pitt my be the best looking man on the planet. And he's having sex with Angelina Jolie.

The actor is actually underrated, in terms of his talent. Pitt has been nominated for an Oscar - for his role in 12 Monkeys - and has put on masterful performances in Se7en, Babel and Fight Club.

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