Better Living Through Chemistry Trailer: Sam Rockwell Rivets Again!

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Better Living Through Chemistry is now much more than the name of the debut album by Fatboy Slim and a popular phrase from the LSD-laced 1960s. It is the moniker of the latest Sam Rockwell (The Way Way Back) movie, and the film’s first trailer has premiered.

Rockwell plays a mild-mannered pharmacist who toils away at a job he enjoys and is married to a woman that he loves (whether she loves him is another question). Basically, he seems content to go about his days until his number is up.

Then, when his delivery guy flakes, he has to deliver the prescriptions on his own and meets Olivia Wilde (Rush). She’s a trophy wife and takes Rockwell under her wing as the two go on a drug and alcohol binge for the ages. And yes, it appears from the above trailer that she convinces Rockwell to kill her husband, you know, through chemistry!

The trailer alone is proof of what a talent Rockwell is, and we cannot wait to see him in this film that lands March 14. He goes from straight-laced to completely unhinged as no one else can in less than two minutes!

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