Straight Outta Compton: NWA Movie Is Finally Coming Soon!

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A movie based on the incredible career of N.W.A. is closer than ever to happening. The flick, which will be called Straight Outta Compton, has hired a director, and it’s someone the film’s producer -- and former member of the hip hop supergroup -- Ice Cube knows well. Friday director F. Gary Gray has been tapped, and casting will begin this week.

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Ice Cube (soon to be seen in 22 Jump Street), while promoting his upcoming buddy comedy with Kevin Hart teased here in the Ride Along trailer, talked to MTV News and said the project is finally moving forward. From the sounds of it, it will pull back the veil and give audiences something they’ve never seen or heard before about the band.

"We're just trying to tell the story of the world's most dangerous group," Cube said. "We're trying to tell aspects of our lives that people don't know about, people aren't privy to."

The city of the title will, of course, play a big role… almost a character unto itself. "The neighborhood influenced N.W.A., and then N.W.A influenced the neighborhood," he added. "That's what we're trying to portray."

For fans of N.W.A., this could not be better news to kick off 2014! 

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