Theater Chains Say “No” to Long, Plot Revealing Trailers

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One of the biggest pet peeves of any audience member Movie Fanatic has ever spoken to is the proliferation of movie trailers before their actual movie begins. Not only are these movie teasers way too long, but they continually give away too much of the plot (like the recent Endless Love trailer). Now, the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) has asked the Hollywood studios to literally… cut it out!

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They’ve established a list of rules for studios to abide by, and if they don’t, NATO is threatening to pull trailers altogether from their movie presentations. Another aspect of the trailer world they are seeking to curtail is how trailers can often arrive a full year before the movie even comes out!

Here are the NATO “voluntary” rules:

  • Marketing materials cannot be displayed until 4 months before a release date.
  • Trailers must be shorter than two minutes (unlike the recent theatrical Rio 2 trailer).
  • Trailers cannot be shown until 5 months before a release date.
  • Each studio can break the rules for 2 eagerly anticipated movies per year.

Several things come to mind. One, since this is voluntary, we’re not sure that the Hollywood movie studios will abide. Secondly, theater owners get paid to present trailers, and have you met anyone in a business that was trying to make money that turned down an influx of income? Third, with the arrival of the internet, trailers can be seen on demand whenever a viewer wants and that means that the theaters might be shooting themselves in the foot and driving more audience members away from theaters.

But still, it is a common complaint from moviegoers that there are too many trailers, they are too long and they give away too much. Stay tuned, as Movie Fanatic believes this story is just getting going. 

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