Weekend Movie Preview: January 17, 2014

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For a January weekend, it's quite a busy installment of our latest Weekend Movie Preview. Leading the charge is a super spy's reboot as the Tom Clancy character enters a new century with Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and Ice Cube and Kevin Hart form a buddy cop comedy duo in Ride Along. Found footage horror gets a shot in the arm with Devil's Due and the kids will adore the animated Nut Job

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit: Chris Pine takes over the role that was once held by Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck. Jack Ryan gets an update that reflects our time and security challenges, as we stated in our Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit review. Pine is a fantastic choice and honestly more of who we pictured when we read the books. Kevin Costner does the most with a supporting role that has him playing mentor and CIA support for our favorite cerebral spy. And Kenneth Branagh could not have been a better person to helm the next chapter of the Clancy hero.

Ride Along: Cube and Hart are two people who do not like each other very much at the beginning of Ride Along. Hart wants to marry Cube's sister, and in order to impress Cube's detective character, he has to go on a ride along. Given that Hart just got into the police academy and wants to be a cop... it should be a breeze. Think again! Our Ride Along review finds the pair have fantastic comic chemistry and we wouldn't mind going on a Ride Along again with these two. 

Devil's Due: The filmmaking team, known as Radio Silence, is back with a follow-up to their V/H/S series with another found footage horror flick. It's not the best of the horror POV movies, but it is a certifiable announcement of the filmmaking talent of Radio Silence. A husband and wife return from their honeymoon and discover she is pregnant. Quickly, things go horribly wrong and it appears someone is possessed. For more, check out our Devil's Due review.

Nut Job: Some animated movies are for all audiences, Nut Job is not one of them. Will Arnett and Katherine Heigl star as a couple of squirrels who are seeking nuts to survive the winter when supplies are lost. They hatch a plan to rob a nut store and in the process, learn a few lessons about working together. As reported in our Nut Job review, parents can tolerate the action onscreen, but kids will love it!

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