11 Unnecessary Sequels: Movies That Make You Say "Why?"

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Hollywood sequels are almost expected.

Heck, sometimes they're even green lit before the movie comes out... like the news that The LEGO Movie is coming!

Sometimes they are warranted, like Anchorman 2 or 22 Jump Street (Want proof that movie needs a second? Be sure to watch 21 Jump Street online and see what we're talking about!). 

More often than not, oh who are we kidding, pretty much 80-percent of the time, Hollywood produces sequels that has audiences scratching their heads and wondering why all that money was spent to produce a film with a "2" in its title. Basic Instinct 2 or Speed 2, anyone?!

Click through and check out our 11 completely and utterly useless sequels. And like most movies produced these days -- we suspect we'll be revisiting this slideshow idea again with a snappy title like 11 Unnecessary Sequels: Part 2!

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