3 Days to Kill: Kevin Costner Talks Shooting Straight

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There are many things that attracted Kevin Costner to star in 3 Days to Kill. Being directed by McG was one, and starring with a colorful cast of women was the other -- especially up-and-comer Hailee Steinfeld. “She was a very good screen partner,” Costner said.

Kevin Costner Stars in 3 Days to Kill

Costner is a CIA assassin who is forced to turn in his weapon when it is discovered that he has severe brain cancer. He immediately flies to Paris to reconnect with his estranged wife (Connie Nielson) and daughter (Steinfeld). Thinking he will just quietly ride off into the sunset, he promptly gets pulled into “one last job” by his CIA operative boss, played by Amber Heard. It’s a whole lot of women telling this trained killer what to do!

“When dealing with women, my boss, in this instance, my hellish relationship with her -- he gets frustrated by women, and my house is the same. And there’s a level of humor that I think that we try to bring into the movie without winking at the camera. It’s always funnier if you don’t wink, and say, ‘I’m really frustrated by you’ -- by her, by my wife, by my daughter,” Costner admitted.

“There’s a part of the world where he’s very efficient in his life, and he’s not that great in this particular aspect!”

The Oscar winner also enjoyed portraying a character that is somewhat of a relic, much like himself. “Listen, I still pay money to get into a phone machine, [so] it’s a little bit easier for me to make a connection. I think that our humor comes out of this stuff,” he said.

Of all the physical challenges he had to face in the many action sequences teased in the 3 Days to Kill trailer, it turns out the elements were the toughest. “You’re cold, and any time you’re cold, things are harder,” Costner said.

He also knows now, with age, when to say when and let the professionals do the action. “As I’ve been involved in my stunt career, you have to measure things. Because I wanted to ride with the buffalo (in Dances with Wolves), I wanted to do those things. Whenever you can put the audience in the car, on the horse carrying your daughter, they’re now in the movie,” Costner said. “But stunts have always had their place, and I have to measure them right now, and I’ve done things that if I make a mistake, you could die.”

Costner is an Academy Award-winning director. The actor must see something in his helmer when he attaches himself to a project and with 3 Days to Kill’s McG, it was the fact that no matter the thought process, the two were always on the same page.

3 Days to Kill Amber Heard Kevin Costner

“We didn’t differ that much and you shouldn’t, if you’re in sync. There’s going to be times when you have a different approach on a scene and it didn’t with us,” Costner said.

He even soaked up some fresh directorial knowledge. “I learned some things watching McG. I came prepared to do what I was supposed to do, which was act. And I was always prepared. When I direct, I tell my actors, ‘There’s going to be a day when I’m not as good as others, and on those days, I really need for you to be good.' I like to be on the floor, so if the coach tells me what to do out on the floor, I can get it done. So I’m really comfortable being directed.”

Between Man of Steel, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and now 3 Days to Kill, it may seem like Costner’s hitting a new groove. “Well, I’m worn out, now,” he said and laughed.

But he admits that he has never changed his approach to acting. “I’ve always felt like I’ve gotten better. I think that all of us can get better, and I feel like in my acting, I’m better than I was three pictures ago. I had the babies and then I went and did a little Hatfields & McCoys movie and then I lined up these movies. I wish they weren’t so packed. On the other hand, I’m glad I did them. I’ve always loved the business. I’m a romantic about it.”

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