300 Rise of an Empire: Meet the Villains!

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Warner Bros. has given us a video featurette for 300: Rise of an Empire that puts the spotlight squarely on the film's villains. 

Eva Green and Rodrigo Santoro play Artemesia and Xerxes, respectively, and are a double dose of devilishly delicious evil. 

300: Rise of an Empire lands in theaters March 7, and judging by that 300: Rise of an Empire trailer, the action that takes to the seas in this installment promises to be even more visually stunning than Zack Snyder's first genre-defying epic.  

Sullivan Stapleton is Themistocles, a member of the Greek military who believes that a united Greece can finally get rid of the Persian threat once and for all.

Lena Headey is back from the first film and is now the leader of the nation state of Sparta. It was her husband (Gerard Butler) that was killed at the end of a brave battle in the first film and this flick picks up right after that.

To get caught up on all the magic of the Greek-Persian battle, watch 300 online and get ready for 300: Rise of an Empire to hit theaters next week!

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