Brick Mansions Trailer & Poster: One of Last Films of Paul Walker

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One of the films that was completed before Paul Walker died in a horrible car crash in November was Brick Mansions. The film’s first trailer and poster have premiered and they tell the story of Walker’s tough cop, who must work with a criminal to help rescue the city’s mayor.

See, the mayor has been taken hostage inside a walled-in area of the city where the worst of the worst live, called the Brick Mansions part of town. Crime got so bad in that area that the city just built a wall around it, hoping to contain it, rather than fight it. 

Brick Mansions Poster

Now that the city’s leader is held captive, what can they do? Why not send in the badass played by Walker, with a little help from a criminal (David Belle) who knows the area quite well. Who are they up against? Why, it’s RZA! Brick Mansions hits theaters April 25.

The trailer just further shows what a loss it was when Walker passed away. Why not check out one of his final films now and watch Fast and Furious 6 online

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