Non-Stop Trailer: Done with LEGO!

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With the success of The LEGO Movie and how Everything Is Awesome in the world of LEGO these days, it is hardly a surprise that upcoming films are jumping on the bandwagon and going LEGO.

The first that truly got us was the Non-Stop trailer starring Liam Neeson as an Air Marshall in the middle of a mess at 30,000 feet… done with LEGO!

As seen in the above LEGO trailer for Non-Stop, Neeson’s Air Marshall gets a text message that if a huge amount of cash isn’t deposited into an account in 20 minutes, someone on the plane will die. In fact, with every 20 minutes that passes without the money, another passenger will perish.

So, what do you think of this LEGO madness and the Non-Stop trailer told via LEGO? Let us know in the comments section below, and while you’re in a Neeson as action hero mood, why not watch Taken online

And since The LEGO Movie is on the brain, click through our slideshow of The LEGO Movie quotes, featuring Non-Stop’s Neeson as Good Cop/Bad Cop! 

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