Ride Along Quotes: You Want the Hammer?!

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Ride Along is a certifiable smash hit as it has just passed the coveted $100 million box office mark! Its total take (so far) is exactly $106 million and it shows no signs of slowing down as it is still in the top five, four weeks after its debut. 

Much of the credit of the success has to go to the comic chemistry achieved by Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. The action comedy got a needed shot of life with the flick and, most importantly, gave us some seriously funny lines that had us falling out of our seats. 

Click through and check out some of our favorite quotes from Ride Along and be sure to keep checking in as we add more and more of those awesome Ride Along quotes

We'll see if time has Ride Along joining another comedy with fantastic quotes. Decide for yourself and check out our Anchorman quotes!

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Ride Along Quotes

Ben: What’s up little man.
[mocking him]
Basketball Kid: What’s up little man?
Ben: What you about 3’10″, 3’11″?
Basketball Kid: Yeah but you know what I’m gonna do, grow! What you gonna do, stretch?

Ben: James, I wanted to ask your blessing in asking your sister to marry me.
James: Show me that you're worthy of her.
Ben: How am I supposed to do that?
James: I'm gonna take you on a ride-along.
Ben: Hell... yeah!

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