Watch Love Actually Online: It's All Around Us!

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This just in Love Actually is... all around us.

Indeed, this may be one of the most acclaimed holiday movies in recent memory, but who doesn't want to feel Love Actually quotes in their singer and also feel them in their toes during any time of the year?

It's not as though Hugh Grant dancing isn't hilarious on a hot summer day.

And it's also fun to look back at some of the relative no-names then (Andrew Lincoln, Martin Freeman), who have gone on to anchor huge projects since (The Walking Dead, The Hobbit).

So sit back, enjoy a bottle of champagne with your fat best friend and WATCH LOVE ACTUALLY ONLINE now!

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Love Actually Quotes

Billy Mack: I realized that Christmas is... is the time to be with the people you love.
Joe: Right.
Billy Mack: And I realized that, as dire chance and... and... and fateful cockup would have it, here I am, mid-50s, and without knowing it I've gone and spent most of my adult life with a... with a chubby employee. And... and much as it grieves me to say it, it... it might be that the people I love is, in fact... you.
Joe: Well, this is a surprise.
Billy Mack: Yeah.
Joe: Ten minutes at Elton John's, you're as gay as a maypole!

Tony: You'll come back a broken man.
Colin: Yeah, back broken from too much sex.