Weekend Movie Preview: February 7, 2014

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The weekend movie preview seems to have a bit of war on the brain this time. There's the battle to save the LEGO world in The LEGO Movie, the effort to steal back priceless art stolen by the Nazis in the true story The Monuments Men and the fight to keep the peace at Vampire Academy.

The LEGO Movie: Phil Lord and Chris Miller do it again. After their success with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street, the boys return to animation and create an utter masterpiece. Chris Pratt voices Emmet, a LEGO worker who could not feel more ordinary. Then, something extraordinary happens to him and he's called upon to save the world... with a little help from Batman (Will Arnett), Superman (Channing Tatum) and Wonder Woman (Cobie Smulders). As our The LEGO Movie review said, this is one comic adventure for all ages!

The Monuments Men: George Clooney returns to the director's chair, and also stars, in the unbelievable and important to be told true story of The Monuments Men. A group of scholars enlist in Clooney's troupe (Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman) and head behind enemy lines to try to get back all the priceless art that the Nazis have stolen. As reported in our The Monuments Men review, the film isn't just powerful war sequences, but it also makes a strong statement on how art defines us as a human race. 

Vampire Academy: The book series by Richelle Mead comes to life and as much as fans of the series will adore this flick, our Vampire Academy review found that it needed to be darker. For a film that keeps teasing impending doom, it sure felt a whole lot like Mean Girls and a lot less like what it should. Then again, the writer and director each gave us Mean Girls and Heathers... so we probably should not be so surprised. 

We think that The LEGO Movie is going to run away with the weekend. So, click through the below and check out these awesome The LEGO Movie clips!

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