13 Movies That Made 1993 One Great Summer: Hollywood Heat

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While the world is salivating over the potential of summer 2015 to be the best ever in Hollywood history, we think back to the summer that in our minds rivals one of the best -- 1993. 

There was a lot to offer during the summer of 1993, one of which can be seen now when you watch Jurassic Park online! But that Steven Spielberg dinosaur epic wasn't the only thrill ride of that summer.

Watch The Fugitive online and there's another. See! It's a thrilling warmer season for the ages to say the least.

Prepare to be amazed at all the cinematic glory that hit movie screens in that unusually hot summer. 

Click through and see our 13 movies that made the summer of 1993 one of the best summer movie seasons ever... for now!

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