13 Movies That Still Confuse: Flicks That Make You Go "Huh?"

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Movie Fanatic is a firm believer that a movie does not have to tie everything up in a pretty bow.

We adore a little mystery... something for us to think about on the ride home -- and even for years after. 

But sometimes, a movie has its final credits roll... and the audience just sits there, in utter shock and awe at what they just witnessed. 

Want an example? Watch Inception online and you'll get what we're saying. Brilliant, but still leaves you with more questions than answers. See, many of these movies are utterly fantastic... but that doesn't mean they make perfect sense!

We even created a Cloud Atlas infographic to try to explain what people had just seen! 

Click through and check out our 13 movies that make audiences go "huh?!" 

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