13 Worst Remakes: Leave Classic Films Alone!

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It is kind of hard to ignore that Hollywood has gone bananas for remakes. And usually the effort ends with a shrug of the shoulders from audiences.

Yet, they keep making them!

We present 13 of the worst movie remakes in recent memory that hopefully will remind studio executives to cease and desist this madcap trend. 

Tim Burton and Mark Wahlberg... we love you!

But maybe you should have stayed away from Planet of the Apes. Or, watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes online and see how to properly handle a classic property. 

We know Paul Rudd and Steve Carell can make movie magic with their witty Anchorman quotes. Just watch Anchorman online and that is immediately clear. What remake of theirs didn't exactly tickle the funnybone?

Click through and see our 13 worst remakes that Hollywood should have left alone.

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