22 Jump Street Exclusive: Directors Dish Expectations For First Sequel

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When we caught up with Phil Lord and Chris Miller for The LEGO Movie, we could not let them go without asking about their next film, the one that will follow up all those hilarious 21 Jump Street quotes. And we’re of course talking about 22 Jump Street.

22 Jump Street Stars Channing Tatum Jonah Hill

“We’re pumped up,” Lord said.

Although they are thrilled with the opportunity, from the moment it was announced and especially since that 22 Jump Street red band trailer debuted, they’ve felt something that is new to Miller and Lord. “It’s a lot of pressure -- people are really excited!”

Miller then told us about how they have had a large amount of box office victories in their careers because everything they’ve done has come out of left field. And that is so not the case with 22 Jump Street.

“We’ve had a lot of success by having really low expectations going in on everything from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to the first 21 Jump Street to doing The LEGO Movie,” Miller admitted.

“People are kind of skeptical and then we can coast in and exceed their low expectations.”

Lord knows, especially with the success now of The LEGO Movie and the fact that 22 Jump Street is a follow-up, that veil of low anticipation is gone. “It’s harder when it’s a sequel to make people skeptical,” Lord said.

Although Lord does admit that one of their stars will really impress a lot of people in their latest when it arrives June 13. “Ice Cube does some crazy stuff in the movie,” he said. “It’s really ridiculous!”

22 Jump Street Channing Tatum Jonah Hill

Miller then turned to his partner and wondered how they could derail anticipation, so they could get back to a spot they’re used to… coming from nowhere!

“We need something to lower people’s expectations. We’ve never done something that people are excited for or thought was a good idea,” Miller said and laughed. “That will be the biggest challenge. We shot a lot of funny stuff and I hope it comes together well.”

We have a feeling it will, knowing these two, and after those incredible The LEGO Movie quotes they wrote… we are ready to see anything they do.

While you’re gearing up for the big sequel, why not check out the original and watch 21 Jump Street online

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