Bill Murray Salutes Harold Ramis at Oscars: Watch Now!

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Sure, the Oscars paid tribute to many who passed in the last year during their In Memoriam part of the show. But the ultimate tribute to someone we are all missing dearly came from Bill Murray who paid tribute to his friend Harold Ramis

Murray was presenting (with Amy Adams) the Oscar for Best Cinematography (which would go to Gravity). After reading the nominees, he said that one was left out. "Harold Ramis for Caddyshack, Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day!"

The Dolby Theater went nuts! 

Murray owes much of his cinematic career to the man as he wrote the words that gave us those amazing Ghostbusters quotesCaddyshack quotes and Groundhog Day quotes... all films that star Murray!

Check out the touching tribute... and we love Adams' response to it too! 

That moment was one of our favorite of the evening. Click through and check out the other 24 most awesome Oscar moments! And let's remind ourselves of what a fantastic talent Ramis was and watch Ghostbusters online.

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