Black Widow Movie: Kevin Feige Says Question Is "When" Not If

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Movie Fanatic just came out of the press day for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and someone who plays a pivotal role in that film is Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.

As she made quite a splash in Iron Man 2 and then with those The Avengers quotes, fans have been clamoring for a Black Widow solo movie ever since. Given what we've seen from her turn in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, that demand should only grow.

Captain America: Winter Soldier Scarlett Johansson

Marvel Studio head Kevin Feige told us today that they are listening and that it is not a question of if, but when we can expect Johansson to be the title character in a Marvel movie.

“I think the idea would be great. We’ve got various outlines and ideas of where to take that. As Scarlett already said, there’s a big element that explores her back story in an upcoming Marvel feature,” Feige said… of course referring to Avengers: Age of Ultron, in which Johansson has said she has a vital role.

“The question really is, ‘When will we take her out of the ensemble and have her do her own thing?’ As you saw in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as you’ll see in Avengers: Age of Ultron, she’s really the key to so much of the plot development.”

Stay with us as we roll out all of our Captain America: The Winter Soldier coverage close to the film's April 4 release date. But until then, catch up with Cap and Black Widow and watch The Avengers online.

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