Edge of Tomorrow Trailer: This Is Not The End

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The latest Edge of Tomorrow trailer is here and we have to say, it impresses us much more than the first one. Tom Cruise plays a futuristic soldier who heads into battle knowing that it will fail.

See, he knows this because he’s lived that fight over and over and it always ends the same way: He dies and wakes up ready to repeat the day. 

If you think it sounds like those Groundhog Day quotes meets War of the Worlds, you're not far off!

In Edge of Tomorrow, Cruise's curse has the chance to be broken when he meets Emily Blunt’s soldier. She can train him so that, eventually, when they head into that fateful battle, Cruise knows what to do and not only avoids his own death, but holds the key to victory for his troupe.

Doug Liman (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) directs the thriller that lands in theaters June 6. Cruise and Blunt are joined in the cast by Bill Paxton, Brendan Gleeson and Noah Taylor. 

Watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith online and see why Liman is the perfect helmer to direct Cruise and Blunt in this action flick. 

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