Muppets Most Wanted Exclusive: Miss Piggy Dishes "Throwing a Bone" to Celine Dion

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We caught up with Miss Piggy at the glamorous Beverly Hilton, a site as fitting as can be for the world’s most elegant pig. Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog and her Muppets cohorts are back with Muppets Most Wanted, and Miss Piggy joined us for an exclusive chat where we explore her secrets to still looking so fabulous after all these years.

Muppets Most Wanted Miss Piggy Still

Miss Piggy also dishes what recent Oscar-nominated film role she thinks she should have had, as well as why she thinks the world loves the romance between her and Kermie. Oh, and you don’t want to miss what she says about appearing at the Oscars next year to perform her instant classic Something So Right and how singing with Celine Dion was the least she could do to help her out.

Movie Fanatic: Why do you think the world loves you and Kermit together so much?

Miss Piggy: Because the world is smart. Everybody loves a love story, and moi and Kermit’s relationship is pretty much the ultimate love story.

Movie Fanatic: What does it mean to you to sing with Celine Dion?

Miss Piggy: Moi carried that scene. It’s really moi’s song. I actually adore Celine and I invited her to join me for a verse or two, and just because I wanted to do something for her. Give her a break... throwing her a bone!

Movie Fanatic: You visit many cities, as teased in the Muppets Most Wanted trailer, from London, Berlin and Madrid to LA and a not-so-glamorous gulag in Russia. What was the most enjoyable to visit and why?

Miss Piggy: Here’s a secret to the magic of movies… we actually didn’t go to any of those cities! It was all on a back lot in London.

Ricky Gervais The Muppets...Again!

Movie Fanatic: Well then, what do you like most about London?

Miss Piggy: I like the people. Our cast and crew are locals and they were wonderful. I especially like the Crown Jewels. I went to visit them every day after we wrapped and said, “Hello! Mommy’s here.” I love the Queen, we had tea.

Movie Fanatic: Disney released a Miss Piggy wedding dress still and that got all your fans all sorts of excited for a Miss Piggy-Kermit wedding. When you first saw the dress…

Miss Piggy: Made by Vivienne Westwood.

Movie Fanatic: What did you think when you first saw it?

Miss Piggy: I thought it was exquisite and beautiful. Then, I found it was made out of recycled plastic, which made me have my doubts. But, in the end, I really thought it was beautiful.

Movie Fanatic: Recycled plastic, whatever it is, Miss Piggy… you wear it well.

Miss Piggy: I can make a garbage bag fabulous. Not that I would ever wear one.

Movie Fanatic: What would you like to have happen to you in the next movie?

Miss Piggy: I think I would love to do a movie where Kermit and I didn’t have to pretend to quarrel so much. I don’t know why we have to do that in every movie.

Muppets Most Wanted Kermit Miss Piggy

Movie Fanatic: Does that wear on you?

Miss Piggy: Yes, it’s just fake, just pretend. But, the rest of the world thinks we have this tension in our relationship and that’s just not true.

Movie Fanatic: There have been so many movies I’ve seen in the last several decades where I thought, “Miss Piggy should have had that role.” Is there a movie that you think they should have just given it to you?

Miss Piggy: Gravity.

Movie Fanatic: Pigs in Space… been there.

Miss Piggy: I know! It’s almost too easy when it came to casting. That’s probably why they went with Sandra Bullock. I think that’s what it is -- I’m probably the first name that comes up with big Hollywood movies. But, they think it would be too easy. She’s too good.

Movie Fanatic: Be honest, who was the most difficult on the set of Muppets Most Wanted? Director James Bobin?

Miss Piggy: Me!

Movie Fanatic: You’re the most difficult? I find that hard to believe. 

Miss Piggy: Who was the most difficult for me to deal with? Well, I’d have to say Lonnie the PA. Always dragging me to set, kicking and screaming.

Movie Fanatic: You’ve stayed so phenomenally fabulous over the years. Do you have any beauty secrets you’d like to share with our readers?

Miss Piggy: The secrets will stay secrets. But, it really amounts to the fact that one day I woke up and decided that I’m not going to age. There’s surgery and the diets, but it really comes down to willpower. If everybody did it and said, “I’m not going to age,” I think we’d see a much beautiful-er, younger society.

Miss PIggy Muppets Most Wanted

Movie Fanatic: Of the many gorgeous and glorious songs you sing in this film, do you have a favorite?

Miss Piggy: I really like the opening number We’re Doing a Sequel… it’s so bouncy and fun. It’s a big production number, like old Hollywood style. It’s very Muppet-y… whatever that means. But, of course, everyone is going to love my song Something So Right.

Movie Fanatic: As soon as I heard it, I was thinking… Oscar!

Miss Piggy: It would be a crime if they didn’t salute my song in particular! ‘Cause it is good! 

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