Neighbors TV Spots: Are We Even Now?

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The latest pair of TV spots for the crazy looking comedy Neighbors has landed and they both paint a similar picture of a fraternity wronged and those who wronged them paying the price. 

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are married with a baby, and to their horror, their new neighbors move in -- and it's a fraternity! 

The first night goes pretty well as the couple hang with the boys and enjoy the festivities. We even love Rogen and Efron discussing who their favorite Batman is. Both Dark Knights are featured in our best Batman quotes!

The second TV spot hints at the similar themes of them both, and we sense Rogen's character will reach his tipping point and that's when the real humor will kick in. 

See, Rogen's character calls the cops on his neighbors. Then, Efron and his frat buddies decide to get even, to which Rogen repeatedly asks, "Are we even now?" Clearly, they are not! 

Neighbors opens in theaters everywhere May 9, and for the full scope of the hilarity, check out the full Neighbors trailer.

In the mood for a Rogen classic? Watch Knocked Up online!

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Neighbors Quotes

Officer Watkins: You called about your neighbors?
Mac Radner: No.
Officer Watkins: We have caller ID, we're cops, everybody has caller ID.

Pete: Do you think maybe we've gone too far? I'm a child of divorce and I sympathize with them.
Teddy Sanders: My parents love each other, and I think it's hilarious.

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