Noah: How to Build an Ark as God Described?

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We as a people have always been fascinated by Noah’s Ark. The story, the ark itself… it is all quite compelling.

With the arrival of filmmaker Darren Aronofsky’s Noah in theaters March 28 starring Russell Crowe in the titular role, we get our first true modern vision of what that all looked like. We know that, according to the Bible, God told Noah to build an ark to survive a horrific flood and even provided dimensions.  

In a new featurette for the film Noah, the cast and crew take us inside the making of the ark… and how they used the real dimensions described by God in the Bible! Which of course for fans of Bill Cosby has us recalling his bit about Noah asking God, “Yeah, great… what’s a cubit?”

Well, that is even explained in the above video. It is impressive to say the least the attention to detail that Aronofsky and his crew took in building their ark -- which has only increased our desire to see the flick since that first Noah trailer premiered.

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