The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Footage Revealed: Marc Webb Talks Expanding World

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For director Marc Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man was thought of as the beginning of a trilogy. Now it will be at least four films, with spin-offs involving the Sinister Six and Venom!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Marc Webb Directs Andrew Garfield

When we caught up with Webb after he showed us almost 30 minutes of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage, he admitted that he can use this new canvas to further enrich each film in the Spider-Man world. “We were thinking about three movies. Then we started messing around with the second movie and there was such an enormous wealth of information and we were just like, we can’t cram them all into one movie. There’s too much richness there,” Webb said.

“So when we were talking about the beginning of the second film, we were trying to plan out all of the emerging story lines. It just started to make sense to invest in other stories, and then in particular, the Sinister Six is something we’d always talked about, just like how do we plan this out.”

As we saw in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 final trailer that premiered earlier today, Jamie Foxx as Electro is a beast. But, we wondered how Max Dillon becomes Electro… and how that fits into the larger world of Spider-Man.  

“To understand Electro is to understand Max Dillon. Max Dillon has been sort of ignored by the world, much in the way that Peter Parker is an outcast. [Max] chose to react to that in a little bit of a different way,” Webb said.

Webb was thrilled that they were able to get an Oscar winner in Foxx. He brings so much to the part. “There is a wonderful pathos that Jamie enables at the beginning of the film and you haven’t seen that part yet, and you really feel for him. But, there’s also a psychosis. There’s something mad about him and that eventually gets the better of him.”

Webb clearly has a plan for where this world is going and expanding to. Knowing that -- how does Electro being the main villain for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fit into that plan?

“I wanted to use Electro. There was purely a cinematic opportunity there that I thought was awesome, which given where we’re at with visual effects and technology, that I thought we could do in an effective and interesting way -- which I didn’t think existed until recently,” Webb admitted.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man

“Then, we were trying to craft Electro’s story, thematically there was a resonance between Max Dillon’s character and Spider-Man. What is that villain going to bring out in your protagonist? How was he going to make that character more heroic? But really, it was about this movie. It was about finding a villain that was interesting, powerful, strong, but had a thematic resonance to Spider-Man. Electro is an incredibly visual villain. He needed to be seen, which is a part of his character, and that has a relationship with Peter Parker’s character and his journey.”

The humor of the character of Spider-Man was always present in the comics and from the sounds of things, Webb has amped it up in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. “His wit and his quips are also part of his character. It’s how he provokes villains, particularly it’s how he puts them on their heels,” Webb said.

And you can see that in the footage we saw with him antagonizing Paul Giamatti’s Rhino. “I think with Rhino, it’s particularly convenient, because he’s such a dumb villain, that he can provoke him that way. That’s where the comedy emerges.”

Many wanted more from the first film, and Webb admitted that there was only so much he could do in an origins movie to set the franchise going again. But now… it’s off to the races!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Stars Andrew Garfield

“We had ideas about the pathways of these characters, but we didn’t want to blow everything out in the first movie, because again, it’s about creating a more elaborate universe,” Webb said.

As it was announced that Sony was expanding the Spider-Man universe, Webb promised that he will be involved any way he can… and most importantly, will always have an eye on the big -- webbed -- picture. 

“We’ve been trying to figure out how to develop a larger universe and there are some very exciting things coming around the corner with the Sinister Six and Venom and future Spider-Man movies. I want to be involved in any way I possibly can and we’re already talking,” Webb said.

“We’ve had these really wonderful discussions. It’s just been a blast. It’s a dream come true. We’ve had fantasies about what we could do, and they’re slowly coming to reality. I’m really excited about that.” 

In anticipation of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hitting theaters May 2, watch The Amazing Spider-Man online and get all sorts of caught up.

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