The Incredibles Sequel Is Coming Soon!

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Some time ago, Movie Fanatic published an opinion piece about why we need a sequel to The Incredibles sooner rather than later. Disney/Pixar responded with crickets even though our readership’s response was universal in their eagerness for The Incredibles 2.

The Incredibles Family Photo

Just as we reported yesterday that The Incredibles is getting a 3D update, we now have news that is years in the making and should make everyone who adores the superhero family very happy.

The Incredibles 2 is happening!

Brad Bird, writer and director of the first film, is on board to craft the follow-up. This comes from Disney head Bob Iger, who informed investors that a follow-up to The Incredibles is on its way, and one for Cars as well. But more on that one later.

Right now, we’re basking in the glow that is the answer to our call for a sequel to The Incredibles.

Heck, it was just last week we ran the following slideshow of animated movies that need a sequel… now!

What other movies will studios be making sequels to now that Pixar has answered our call to action?!

And tell us, even though it may be hard to choose... what's your favorite Pixar movie? To help you decide, watch The Incredibles online.

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