Weekend Movie Preview: March 28, 2014

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The weekend movie preview is feeling a little biblical this week, and with the arrival of Darren Aronofsky's Noah, we can see why. 

We look at that movie, plus two other action-filled entries: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Sabotage and the envelope-pushing The Raid 2.

Noah: Aronofsky may seem like an unusual filmmaker to bring the story of Noah to life. The Black Swan director is, in fact, a solid choice. Russell Crowe stars as Noah, and this is an impressive effort, given that in the bible there is not much to go on to make a full-length movie out of. But, as we stated in our Noah review, the film is truly engaging and will make you think long after the credits roll. An all-star cast supports Crowe, including fellow Oscar winners Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Connelly. And Emma Watson and Logan Lerman re-team after The Perks of Being a Wallflower as Noah's kids and score in their supporting roles.

Sabotage: Schwarzenegger shines in an ensemble action movie from the guy who gave us Training Day and End of Watch. The action hero is the leader of an elite DEA squad who has a knack for bringing down members of drug cartels. That will make you a few enemies! Those enemies start to strike back as members of Schwarzenegger's team are picked off, one by one. But is there a mole in his team? Because there is also $10 million missing from their last bust! For more, check out our Sabotage review.

The Raid 2: Gareth Evans wrote and directed this action film that pushes the boundaries of what we've ever seen on screen before in an action pic. The Indonesian martial arts fest is an astounding piece of work and the littler that is said about it the better. This is one movie that needs to be seen to be believed -- as we report in our The Raid 2 review.

Feel like staying in this weekend, but still in the mood for a flick?

Several options have arrived on digital download this week. Watch The Wolf of Wall Street online, the kids will want to watch Walking with Dinosaurs online and a family comedy arrives starring Vince Vaughn (watch Delivery Man online).

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