11 Career-Killing Movies: Box Office Blunders!

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There are certain stars who can survive a flop or two. But, we found 11 movies that truly killed the careers of their stars (and one even ruined everyone that was involved):

For example - and this one hurts because we love this film - watch Superman Returns online. Love it, like or or hate it, the film didn't do as well as hoped.

It never got a sequel. And arguably one of the better Supermans in the history of the iconic character, Brandon Routh, never regained A-list status again. 

Several notable Academy Award winners even followed up their historic wins with absolute career killers, never regaining the stature they once had. 

For every actor who went from nowhere to superstar, there are others whose promise was hailed and talents were seemingly squandered into obscurity.

Click through and witness these 11 career-killing movies and their casualties above, and let us know if we left off any others we should add to the list ...

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