11 Child Movie Stars Who Became Adult Movie Stars: Breaking the Curse

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There is the often used phrase, "the child star curse." It is a real thing!

Few people who found success at an early age on the big screen (or small screen for that matter) manage to successfully grow up in front of our eyes to achieve greatness in their field as adults. 

Movie Fanatic has chosen 11 to highlight for not only bucking the "child actor curse," but in fact they have become some of the biggest names in Hollywood creating movies that will go down as some of the best ever made. 

Want a clue as to who one is? Watch The Dark Knight online and that guy wearing the Batman suit -- he started as a youngster in a Steven Spielberg movie!

Another? How about the titular character who explodes off the screen when you watch The Wolf of Wall Street online? He's done pretty well for himself!

Click through and see our 11 child movie stars who became adult movie stars, all while bucking that dreaded child star (and life ruining) curse.

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