13 Movies With More than 200 F-Bombs: I Swear!

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With certain filmmakers you can expect a few F-bombs to fall out of their characters' mouths as fast as bullets from their guns. 

Watch Goodfellas online and you'll probably not be too surprised that a Martin Scorsese film features a few f-bombs. But hundreds?

Heck, watch The Wolf of Wall Street online and you'll hear... well, you'll just have to click through our slideshow below to see the astounding number. Let's just say it's 3.16 F-bombs per minute!

Quentin Tarantino is another, check out these Pulp Fiction quotes and they're easy to spot.

But, what is fascinating about this list are two things:

One, just how many F-bombs are dropped in those filmmakers' work and...

Two, how Scorsese and Tarantino are actually not alone in that department. Some of our favorite filmmakers use quite a few. 

Click through the following slideshow and witness 13 movies that use more than 200 F-bombs!

Who swears the most?

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