17 Craziest Movie Characters: Insane in the Membrane!

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There is a huge difference between being a crazy villain in a movie and just being an all-out insane crazy character. And for actors who play these nut-rolls on screen, it is a huge challenge. 

You don't want to go too over the top and create some sort of cartoon. Mental illness is a serious issue, after all. 

Hollywood has long had some fantastic utterly insane characters that have dazzled on the silver screen.

Watch The Dark Knight online and our villain is evil, yes, but he's truly more crazy than anything else.

Read these Goodfellas quotes and tell us that Tommy DeVito isn't the most sociopathic of the entire Martin Scorsese crew?

And spending the winter in a deserted hotel with your family all alone might make you crazy, no? Watch The Shining online and witness another one of our favorite crazy characters. 

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